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Organizational History

The Federal Land Bank of Spokane was created by the Farm Credit Act of 1916. Several Farm Credit entities were merged in 1988 to form the Farm Credit Bank of Spokane, which merged with other Farm Credit entities in 1994 to form AgAmerica, Farm Credit Bank, headquartered in Spokane. AgAmerica FCB joined management with Western Farm Credit Bank in 1998 and headquarters was moved to Sacramento. Mineral management remained in Spokane.

In 2002, Western Farm Credit Bank joined management with the Farm Credit Bank of Wichita with headquarters in Wichita. The management of Western’s minerals in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah shifted from Farm Credit Mineral Operations in Spokane to FCB of Wichita, which became USAgBank, FCB in 2003, then merged with CoBank in 2013. AgAmerica, FCB joined management with AgriBank, FCB of St. Paul with headquarters in St. Paul. Management for minerals owned by AgAmerica remained with Farm Credit Mineral Operations in Spokane through 2002. AgAmerica, FCB ceased to exist in 2003 and minerals owned by AgAmerica in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming were transferred to AgriBank, FCB.

Minerals in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington are owned by Northwest Farm Credit Services, FLCA in Spokane, Washington.


Past Lease Sales

Sale DateFarm Credit Tracts
2014/08MTFinal Results
2014/01MTFinal Results
2013/09MTFinal Results
2013/06MTFinal Results
2013/03MTFinal Results
2012/11Special SaleFinal Results
2012/10MT ,  WAFinal Results
2012/07MTFinal Results
2012/02MTFinal Results
2011/09MTFinal Results
2011/06MT, WAFinal Results
2011/01MT, WAFinal Results
2010/10MTFinal Results
2010/06MTFinal Results
2010/04MT, WAFinal Results
2009/11MTFinal Results
2009/07MT, WAFinal Results
2009/05MTFinal Results