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NWFCS Minerals Index Map


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The mineral ownership maps linked on this page were created in 1985 by The Federal Land Bank of Spokane. Several mergers and reorganizations have occurred since that date. Northwest FCS is the successor in interest. Because these maps were created over 30 years ago, the mineral ownership plots indicated are estimated to be only 95% accurate. Northwest FCS might no longer own any minerals in all of the plots indicated. Verification of the plots can be done by viewing the mineral inventory listed on the Minerals page.

Since these maps were originally plotted by hand, the smallest unit shown on the map is a quarter section (160 acres), and Northwest FCS owns minerals in smaller subdivisions; therefore, the map might show a larger mineral ownership than is true (for example: the description of SE4NW4, SW4NE4, NW4SE4, NE4SW4 (40 acres in each quarter section) would appear on the map as an entire section being owned (640 acres)). The purpose of these maps is not to show the exact legal description of Northwest FCS' mineral ownership, but rather the general location of the mineral interests owned.


Northwest FCS makes no representation or warranty regarding the status of title, accuracy of the legal descriptions or productive capability of property listed on this website, nor the timeliness of the information posted. Northwest FCS also assumes that any lessee of mineral acreage is informed and knowledgeable of industry practices and has conducted its own due diligence before leasing.