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Public Policy

As a member of the nationwide Farm Credit System, Northwest FCS collaborates with other System entities to support select legislative and regulatory issues on behalf of our customers and the industries we serve.

Washington DC
Former Northwest FCS board members Dave Nisbet and Dave Hedlin

Crop Insurance

Farm Credit supports a strong crop insurance program to help our customers manage risks in good times and bad. From natural disasters to severe market disruptions, this risk-management tool provides a critical safety net for the farm families who feed the world.

Farm Labor

Farm Credit supports changes in immigration laws and other programs that provide for access to an adequate and reliable source of labor and that supports agricultural employers' efforts to retain farm workers. We work in collaboration with other agricultural interests to urge Congress to address this issue immediately.

Rural Infrastructure 

Farm Credit supports increased investment in all aspects of rural infrastructure. From expanding broadband access that connects rural businesses, to upgrading facilities that provide clean water and healthcare to rural families, to repairing the roads and bridges that help American agriculture feed the world - all play an important role in keeping our communities vibrant.

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