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Northwest FCS’ cooperative structure with customer-member governance is one of the unique qualities that separates us from other lenders. In 2022, there were two board positions up for election in Regions 2 and 6.

Nominating Committee members are also elected each year by the voting stockholders to screen, interview and select director candidates for board elections. The 2021 Nominating Committee selected two candidates from Regions 2 and 6 to appear on the 2022 Director Election Ballot mailed to voting stockholders following the March 9 Annual Stockholders’ meeting. The Nominating Committee also selected 13 candidates who were placed on the ballot to serve as the 2022 Nominating Committee who will select candidates for the 2023 director elections Involving Region 4.

Following are official results of the 2022 Northwest FCS Elections:

Director Elections
The following candidates were elected to a 5-year term expiring in 2027:

Region 2:      Derek Schafer, Ritzville, WA

Region 6:      John Helle, Dillon, MT

Nominating Committee Membership

Region 1:      Bob Ricci, Snohomish, WA (Burlington)
Region 2:      Russ Kehl, Quincy, WA (Moses Lake)
Region 3:      Karen Lustig, Cottonwood, ID (Cottonwood)
Region 4:      Shawn Rettig, Rudyard, MT (Great Falls)
                       Jeremy Couch, Havre, MT (Havre)
                       Colleen Gustafson, Browning, MT (Conrad)
Region 5:      Mark Tombre, Savage, MT (Sidney)
Region 6:      Nancy Venhuizen, Manhattan, MT (Bozeman)
Region 7:      Joe Finegan, Cornelius, OR (Salem)
Region 8:      Sidney (Marc) Staunton, Merrill, OR (Klamath Falls)
Region 9:      Jim Farmer, Nyssa, OR (Ontario)
Region 10:   Paul Rasgorshek, Nampa, ID (Nampa)

Region 11:   William (Craig) Corbett, Grace, ID (Preston)

Upon receipt of the certified election results on April 7, the 2022 Annual Stockholders' Meeting is officially adjourned.