April 11, 2017

Northwest FCS News

It Pays to be Protected

Discover the Benefits of Private Hail Coverage

Northwest producers are gearing up for the growing season – planting, spraying and speculating about weather in the coming months. Too wet or too dry? A stormy season or calmer skies? It’s anyone’s guess. That’s why savvy producers are adding extra protection with private hail insurance.

Benefits of crop hail insurance:
  • Pick and choose your coverage – coverage can vary from field-to-field or block-to-block.
  • Added flexibility – insure more heavily in hail-prone areas, protect early stages of growth or increase coverage on higher-value varieties.
  • Protect against fire losses – hail coverage includes fire protection not covered by MPCI policies; you can also add a stand-alone fire policy.
  • Insure your transportation risk – hail insurance may also cover losses during transport.
  • Reduce your losses – losses can be paid by your hail policy and MPCI policy for the same acres if you have qualified losses on both.
  • Choose the best value – private hail companies compete for your business with varying rates, deductibles and cash discounts.
“Dramatic changes in weather patterns have made predicting Mother Nature virtually impossible. Due to the location of our ranches and severity of storms these past five years, purchasing hail insurance is an easy decision. We use crop hail insurance to help protect growing costs on the ranch when Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) is not a viable option. We consider past hail experience in the area, rates and crop set after bloom in making our decisions. Hail insurance is an integral part of our crop insurance risk management plan.”  Tom Perry, Risk Manager, Washington Fruit and Produce
To learn more about the benefits of hail insurance, contact a Northwest FCS crop insurance agent. Our agents work with eight different insurance companies to find you the best coverage and rates. Private hail capacities are limited, so don’t delay.