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Commonly Asked Customer Scholarship Questions

Q:   Can I send my application, transcript or essay to you instead of using the online method?

A:  No. Applicants must submit all materials online at northwestfcs.com. If you do not have the capabilities to scan your information or save it as a document to attach, you can take your documents to a copy shop, your school, or to a Northwest FCS branch to scan the documents and save them as a PDF file, and then attach them to the online application.


Q:   I am a Northwest FCS customer. Can my grandchild apply?

A:  No. Only children of Northwest FCS customers or employees of Northwest FCS customers may apply.


Q:   I am attending college out of state. Am I still eligible?

A:  Yes. Students can attend any accredited college or university in any state.


Q:   Do I need to study or intend to study an agriculture-related subject to apply for a scholarship?

A:  No. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you are encouraged to apply for a Northwest FCS scholarship regardless of what you intend to or are studying.


Q:   What if the branch my parents do business with is not in the same town where my high school is located?

A:  Applications will be judged with other applicants based on the branch the students' parents do business with.