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Risk Management Planning

In today’s global agricultural economy, risks to producers, processors and marketers are expanding and surfacing in many ways – exposing all to more unfavorable circumstances and increasing uncertainty. Developing a risk management plan helps business owners anticipate and mitigate risks, thus reducing their negative impact.

Strategic Business Planning

Farm and ranch managers generally spend most of their time making day-to-day operational decisions such as when to seed or harvest, when to sell cows, or whether to purchase new equipment, now or later. While short-term operational planning is important, it doesn't substitute for long-term planning.

How Lending Decisions Are Made

Every lending institution has a set of credit standards or guidelines that are used to analyze and approve loans. To help our customers better understand the decision-making process for approving and renewing loans, we commonly refer to these standards as the Five C's of Credit: Character, Capital, Capacity, Collateral and Conditions.

Preparing Agricultural Financial Statements

Thoroughly understanding your business' financial performance is critical for success in today's increasingly competitive agricultural environment.

Financing Agriculture: The Business Borrower-Lender Relationship

One of the most critical decisions a businessperson makes is choosing a lender.

Land Buying Checklist

Buying, selling or financing rural properties is often different from properties within city limits. In this guide, you'll find helpful planning tips and practical advice for buying rural land.