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Operating a family business is unique. That’s why we are proud to offer educational resources designed to serve all types of family businesses – from beginning producers to young family operations to large, multi-generational farms.

With more than 20 years of experience working directly with family businesses in agriculture, we’re ready to share insights and guidance to help you navigate relationships and conversations within your family business or plan a transition to pass your operation on to the next generation.

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Workshops and Events

Register for upcoming webinars, conferences and events covering topics that matter to family businesses from various industries. You can also view recordings from past programs. If you're a customer, you can also sign up for workshops hosted annually in local Northwest FCS branches.

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Schedule an office hours session with a Family Business Advisor to answer your questions and help with your family business planning and processes, free of charge. Click the button below to contact the Business Management Center to schedule your session.

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